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The francovélosuisse

Outings with friends, duo getaways, family breaks, the francovélosuisse  is the ideal route for everyone, young or old, young or old. 40 kilometers connect Belfort ( France ) to Porrentruy ( Switzerland ): on the route, the urban landscapes of Belfort , Delle and Porrentruy rival those of the more rural Sundgau belfortain and Ajoie.


Over two thirds of the route (Belfort-Buix), the route mainly takes secure greenways ideal for families. The third third (Buix-Porrentruy), on the other hand, uses lanes for some open to traffic where caution is required. In the direction Belfort / Porrentruy, there are no major difficulties to report (route without significant height differences). In the direction Porrentruy / Belfort, upstream from the TGV station, a small difference in level is to be expected.


We like on the course

This list is not exhaustive, find all the details by town by clicking on the card of the town that interests you.


The historical heritage:

Citadel of Belfort, Lion of Bartholdi, historic heart ( Belfort, Porrentruy ), forts ( Danjoutin ), churches ( Danjoutin, Grandvillars, Buix, Courchavon ), castles ( Sevenans, Morvillars, Grandvillars, Porrentruy ), necropolises ( Morvillars ),


Cultural richness:

Museums, art galleries ( Belfort , Porrentruy ), remarkable architecture ( town hall of Andelnans and Delle , Hôtel de Ville, Hôtel-Dieu and Hôtel des Halles in Porrentruy), Espace Multimédia Gantner ( Bourogne ), watchmaking circuit and secret circuitPorrentruy ).


The natural environment:

Parks and botanical gardens ( Belfort, Porrentruy ), the Boncourt buffalo park, the Réclère caves, the Bonfol ponds, the vineyards, the Savieuse canal….


40 km





Friends – small group


Travel time

4h00 (family); 2h (cyclist)


Recommended direction

Needle direction

Intended place of departure

  • Belfort
  • Delle

Municipalities of the route

  • Boncourt
  • Andelnans
  • Belfort
  • Danjoutin
  • Danemarie
  • Delle
  • Bonfol
  • Bourogne
  • Buix
  • Courchavon
  • Porrentruy
  • Sevenans


  • Eurovélo 6