Brand New Cycling Trends

Every year, bicycle manufacturers and adventurers are looking for new technology or innovation to improve their cycling quality through different landscapes. The new gadgets and equipment for cycling will make riding even safer and way more exciting. If you are one of the cycling enthusiasts and want to experience the fun of cycling, here are the new cycling trends that all cyclists are talking about. These new trends will improve cycling enthusiasts’ riding experience and encourage people to experience the fun of cycling in different terrains.

 Cycling Trends

New tech

The cyclists will find a range of new tech gadgets and equipment that can help them during their rides. From fitness trackers to third party apps, wearable technology is on the rise for cyclists. You can ride in any part of the world while keeping complete track of your health, location, nearby outlets, and more. The fitness trackers are improved to be more accurate and give out real-time information.


Foldable e-bikes can be the next addition to your bike collection if you want a sleek bike filled with features while it can run on battery. You can find foldable e-bikes to buy today that are improved and lighter than the ones that were in the market in the past decades. You can carry a 250-watt e-bike that can be folded and carried with your luggage easily.

Gravel bikes

Gravel bikes can be the next all-terrain bikes with the introduction of hydraulic disc brakes that have improved the handling. With improved frame geometry, the riders can find a comfortable upright position. Other new features on these bikes can be mudguards, luggage carriers, and electronic devices that can make your touring experience much easier.


The cyclists have always loved a clean bike with minimum brand placements. More manufactures are now considering the aesthetics of their branding stickers that clutter the tubes of the bikes. Brands create small logos that can be fitted in the top tube and leave the rest of the bike for a complete aesthetic appeal.


Tubeless tyres were a novelty at first, and only the pros had access to them during the racing tournaments. More riders are now switching to tubeless tyres, even for amateur cycling. Almost all mountain bikers have switched to tubeless, and the road riders are seeing the benefits too. With a handly kit in the backpack, the punctures on these tubeless tyres can be repaired immediately.


One of the major innovations that will enter the market is wearable technology that can improve the riding experience for cyclists. Smart glasses offer multiple features like GPS, voice navigation, music playlists, communication, and performance tracking. You will also be able to live-stream your riding experience to social media platforms with an embedded camera on these glasses.

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