Signposting on bike routes

  • Le balisage
  • Le balisage

To make it as easy as possible to follow your route without a GPS, the Francovélosuisse course and its seven loops are fully marked out, from end to end (save for any damage outside the contracting authorities’ control).

Along the route

The "francovélosuisse" name is mentioned regularly on the route from Belfort to Porrentruy. The seven loops are numbered 64*.

Numbering information

Generally speaking, cycling routes in both France and Switzerland are numbered as follows:

  • National and European routes: one digit (e.g. EV 6, or Euro Velo 6)
  • Regional routes: two digits (e.g. Route 64)
  • Departmental and local routes: three digits (e.g. Loop 645)

In other words, the seven loops attached to Francovélosuisse are three digit routes beginning with 64, i.e. numbered from 641 to 647.

PLEASE NOTE : Some stretches of the course are still in the process of being signposted and developed. Three-fourths of the planned 40 kilometres of trails are done, with full activation of the route slated for 2015.

* This number corresponds to the Swiss inter-regional route connecting Lötschberg to Boncourt, extended to Belfort via Francovélosuisse.

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