Greenways or cycle routes ?

  • Véloroute
  • Voie verte

The francovelosuisse course and its seven bicycle touring loops use different types of paths: bike trails, greenways and other low-traffic routes. Read on for some helpful explanations.


These are trails developed as dedicated paths for use by pedestrians, cyclists, skaters, persons with reduced mobility, and so on.  With all motorized traffic prohibited, they are perfectly suited to family outings. They are usually laid out along canal towpaths, former railways, forest roads and in urban parks.

Cycle routes

These are cycling itineraries covering medium to long distances. They may be departmental, regional, national or even European in scale, connecting regions to one another and allowing cyclists to safely cross through urban areas. As much as possible, cycle routes follow bike trails and other greenways. They may also make use of small, low-traffic roads. As a result, caution must always be exercised.

What about Francovélosuisse?

Main route: Belfort-Porrentruy

The Francovélosuisse course (from Belfort to Porrentruy) primarily covers dedicated, secure greenways. Some segments (chiefly in Switzerland) may however use low-traffic roads.

Seven loops

Conversely, the bicycle touring loops tend more toward small, low-traffic country roads. A few of the segments run on greenways. The bicycle touring loops are signposted, secure mid-distance routes that are essentially equivalent to cycle routes.

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