Good cycling practices

  • Bonnes pratiques à vélo
  • Bonnes pratiques à vélo
  • Bonnes pratiques à vélo

Sound advice on planning out your bike trip, so that you can start off under the best possible conditions

What equipment should I use ?

  • If possible, use a hybrid bicycle for multi-day tours (with a comfortable seat, lighting, baggage carrier and at least 21 speeds).
  • Check your bike’s condition or have a bicycle mechanic service it before you leave. Adjust it to your height and inflate your tyres.
  • Bring a handlebar pack for your guide book.
  • Take some repair essentials: puncture repair materials, two inner tubes per bicycle, a multifunction tool, and a pump with a joint fitted to your valves.
  • Remember to bring a bike lock stops in urban areas.

Tip : For kids, using a bike trailer or a tagalong can be more fun and more comfortable than a child seat.

For your comfort

  • Wear the right size of helmet.
  • Opt for handlebar packs rather than rucksacks, which can be wearing after a time.
  • Take raingear (made of breathable fibres) with you, plus a fleece for the evening.
  • Bring beverages and energy bars to ward off tiredness.

Tip : Sunglasses and sunscreen, plus cycling gloves, shoes and shorts are all recommended for longer tours.

For your security

  • Prepare your tour in advance.
  • Do not overestimate your or your children’s capacities. Begin with short stages.
  • Follow the national Highway Code, with which cyclists are required to comply.
  • Be careful on the road, particularly at intersections and on bridges.
  • On greenways, give pedestrians right of way and use your bell to make your presence known.
  • At night, wear a fluorescent vest with reflective bands and make sure you have effective lighting.

Liability : As a reminder, you ride your bicycle at your own risk and are responsible for any accidents that may happen to you or to a third party if your behaviour is not aligned with the national Highway Code, current traffic conditions and the hazards that can normally be expected in a natural setting. You absolutely must obtain civil liability insurance covering your tour.


Be respectful of other trail users and foster a friendly atmosphere !

To save my travel log

The travel log is saved in your navigation system.

You can send your travel log via mail to look at it from another appliance or to share it with another person of your choice.