Useful information to prepare your trip


Everything you need to know to prepare your bicycle touring experience: getting to your route, plus the services available in the different towns covered by Francovélosuisse, but also a reminder of good cycling practices and bicycle tourism terminology.

How do I get there?

Accès à l'itinéraire

All the information you need to get to your Francovélosuisse route (by bicycle, train, car or plane), whether you will be starting off in France or in Switzerland.


Good cycling practices

Bonnes pratiques à vélo

Sound advice for your bike trip: planning your equipment, tips for improving your comfort and safety, the Highway Codes you will need to follow, and more.


Signposting on bike routes

Le balisage

To make it easy to follow your route without a GPS, the Francovélosuisse course and its seven loops are fully marked out, from end to end. Click here to learn more about signposting.


Greenways or cycle routes ?


Additional information about the different types of paths used on the Francovélosuisse course (bike trails, greenways and other low-traffic routes).


Towns close to the cycle route

Les communes sur le parcours

Locate water access points/toilets, restaurants, accommodation, tourist sites and other information (car parks, recreation areas, etc.) for each town through which the routes pass.


To save my travel log

The travel log is saved in your navigation system.

You can send your travel log via mail to look at it from another appliance or to share it with another person of your choice.