Le Parcours Découverte En Réalité Augmentée

Equipped with its smartphone, the visitor enters into the History. From the castle’s court in 1579 or the facade of Vauban barracks, the visitor immediately understands the passage of time adding views, of a facade to another and a building to another… To go further he clicks on many interest points marked by small touchpads, which propose the interpretation of what he sees. Finding its way on an interactive map or slipping from one screen to another, the visitor moves into the Citadel and goes in different spaces where some 3D reconstitutions, animated films and interpretation texts are suggested. Among the numerous digital activities, the visitor can be initiated to the strategic vision of the siege, see the cannon of the high Batterie Haxo in action, or be present during the disassembly of the enemies’ rifles. The “immersive bubble”, digital 360 degree images, allow the visitor to understand the different steps of the construction, for example to visualise the medieval ditch progressively transformed in vaulted gallery of the “Grand souterrain” over the fortification construction sites.

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