Saucisse d'Ajoie IGP

Infos The saucisse d'Ajoie is a sausage with a fine, delicate flavour and a perfect consistency, neither greasy nor dry. Every bite releases a delicate aroma of cumin. It is boiled or grilled before serving. Good to know The saucisse d'Ajoie has been designated as a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) since 2002. This means that it cannot be copied or produced anywhere except in the district of Porrentruy. The PGI is a sign of quality and authenticity and also specifies that the raw materials used in the product must be of Swiss origin. The dozen craft butchers who manufacture this quality product cannot keep up with demand. As a result, production has shifted to the larger butchers in the Jura.
Interprofession Association des Maîtres-Bouchers du District de Porrentruy Philippe Domon Place de la Liberté 1 2942 Alle T. +41 (0)32 471 13 51

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