Damassine AOP

Info The damasson is a small red prune used to produce a liqueur with a renowned aroma and subtlety: the damassine. The origin of the damassine has been lost through the ages, but legend has it that knights brought it back from the Crusades in their bags. Or it might have been a priest from Charmoille who journeyed to Palestine in 1145. What is known for certain is that the name "damassine" refers to the capital of Syria, Damascus. The original and natural growing area of the damassine is the canton of Jura, particularly Ajoie. This region's limestone soil and climate allow the fruit to develop its quintessential aromas better than anywhere else. Good to know The Schneider distillery in Cornol offers tasting tours (booking required), T. +41 (0) 32 471 21 85. Located in the middle of the orchards on the way out of Porrentruy towards Coeuve, the shop "Les Vergers d'Ajoie" offers various packages including: receptions, orchard tours, factory tours and regional product tasting. Enquire in advance.
Interprofession Damassine Aop Rue du Stade 4 2950 Courgenay T. +41 (0) 79 679 08 08 www.damassine.org

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