It’s more fun in a group


From 174 € or CHF* /person :

Explore the hilly routes from Porrentruy to Belfort as a group

Discover the charms of picturesque villages such as Croix and Saint Dizier-l’Evêque, lush natural surroundings and traditional expertise. Visit the Jurassica Museum and stop by the Rhone-Rhine Canal at Montreux le Chateau. After a night in at the Bergerie gîte rural in Mormont, or at the Ferme du Bonheur in Porrentruy cycle to Belfort via loops 641 and 642. Stop to admire the Citadel and Bartholdi’s lion and enjoy a meal while you’re there!


* Rates are subject to availability at time of booking and the currency exchange rate at the time of confirmation of stay.

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