• De Belfort à Porrentruy
    De Belfort à Porrentruy
  • Départ de Belfort
    Départ de Belfort
  • Voie boisée à Moval
    Voie boisée à Moval
  • Carrefour EV6 de Bourogne
    Carrefour EV6 de Bourogne
  • Les prés de Thiancourt
    Les prés de Thiancourt
  • Arrivée à Delle
    Arrivée à Delle
  • Traversée des villages suisses
    Traversée des villages suisses
  • Arrivée à Porrentuy
    Arrivée à Porrentuy

For outings with friends, couples escapades and family excursions, francovelosuisse is the perfect route for anyone, big or small, young or old. 40 kilometres connect Belfort, France, to Porrentruy, Switzerland: along the course, the urban landscapes of Belfort, Delle and Porrentruy rival the more rural scenery of Belfort’s Sundgau and the Ajoie.

Two thirds of the route (Belfort-Buix) mainly follow secure greenways that are ideal for families. The last third (Buix-Porrentruy) however takes some paths that are open to motorized traffic, so caution must be exercised. In the direction from Belfort to Porrentruy, there are no major difficulties for riders (no steep inclines). When heading from Porrentruy to Belfort, there is a slight incline leading up to the high-speed train station.

Related Highlights

This is a non-exhaustive list. To view the full details by town, click on the information sheet for the area that interests you.

Historical sites :

Belfort Citadel, Lion of Belfort, historical centres (Belfort, Porrentruy), forts (Danjoutin), churches (Danjoutin, Grandvillars, Buix, Courchavon), châteaux (Sevenans, Morvillars, Grandvillars, Porrentruy) and necropolises (Morvillars).

Cultural heritage :

Museums, art galleries (Belfort, Porrentruy), remarkable architecture (town halls in Andelnans and Delle, Porrentruy’s Hôtel de Ville, Hôtel-Dieu and Hôtel des Halles), Espace Multimédia Gantner (Bourogne), a watch-making circuit and a secret circuit (Porrentruy).

Natural environment :

Parks and botanical gardens (Belfort, Porrentruy), Boncourt’s Bison Park, the Caves of Réclère, the Ponds of Bonfol, vineyards, the Savoureuse Canal, and more.

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