A project between France and Switzerland

  • La frontière
    La frontière
  • Roche-d'Or - SUISSE
    Roche-d'Or - SUISSE
  • Belfort - FRANCE
    Belfort - FRANCE
  • Croisement EV6 - FRANCE
    Croisement EV6 - FRANCE
  • Porrentruy - SUISSE
    Porrentruy - SUISSE
  • Thiancourt - FRANCE
    Thiancourt - FRANCE

Stretching from Belfort to Porrentruy, francovélosuisse will delight bicycle tourists who enjoy varied scenery. It also provides the perfect opportunity for immersing oneself in the heritage of the different towns through which it passes.

In total, 40 kilometres of cycling route and 300 kilometres of infinitely combinable loops await you. The courses follow greenways (namely Euro Velo 6 and SwitzerlandMobility) and small country roads.
Plan your day, your week-end or your longer stay as you choose, with the right combination of necessary breaks, picnic stops and cultural visits !

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Contracting authorities

As part of a cross-border cooperation process (FEDER / INTERREG Programme), the Departmental Council for the Territory of Belfort (CG90) and the Republic and Canton of the Jura (RCJU) partnered together in the 2000s to create a bikable connection between Belfort and Porrentruy.

The aim of this process was to launch a true cross-border policy of cooperation in tourism. Francovélosuisse is not just a cycling infrastructure. It is also the expression of a real Franco-Swiss desire to make a commitment of quality to bicycle tourists, through the quality approval of more than 50 partners (learn more) and infrastructure that has been optimized for the comfort of cyclists. Work to create bike trails and develop the surrounding areas was begun in 2004 and is now complete on the French side and under way on the Swiss end.

PLEASE NOTE : Some stretches of the course are still in the process of being signposted and developed. Three-fourths of the planned 40 kilometres of trails are done, with full activation of the route slated for 2015.

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