Our partners and our commitments

  • Le Parc à bisons - BONCOURT
    Le Parc à bisons - BONCOURT
  • Des hébergements adaptés
    Des hébergements adaptés
  • Le musée de l'artisanat - BREBOTTE
    Le musée de l'artisanat - BREBOTTE
  • Un kit de réparation sur place
    Un kit de réparation sur place
  • Le Préhisto-Parc - RECLERE
    Le Préhisto-Parc - RECLERE
  • Un point d'eau à disposition
    Un point d'eau à disposition
  • Le musée agricole - BOTANS
    Le musée agricole - BOTANS
  • Les grottes de Réclère
    Les grottes de Réclère

More than 50 service providers (accommodation, restaurants, tourist sites, cycling providers, etc.) are ready to accompany you on your tour. This will give you the possibility of stopping in "francovélosuisse quality" approved accommodation for a rest. This approval, based on our quality charter, guarantees you services aligned with your habits.

Each provider is located within 5 kilometres of Francovélosuisse or one of its complementary loops. For example, they can provide access to a bike shelter and a complete bicycle repair kit, and offer cyclists the necessary cleaning equipment.

All our partner establishments are indicated on both the interactive map and the paper tourist map (available from our quality approved service providers and from tourist offices). A sticker affixed on the window makes it easy to identify these establishments in the towns along the route !

> Click here for a list of all our service providers by town.

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